Supporting Men’s Sheds Around Hawthorn

I was delighted with the government’s recent announcement that $870 000 would be directed towards upgrading men’s sheds across Victoria. Under these grants, local men’s sheds can receive funding of up to $2,300, funding which will undoubtedly benefit the Hawthorn community. Men’s Sheds are valuable..

A Sparkling New Hawthorn!

  On Wednesday (7 October) we move from Camberwell Rd to a brand new home at 197-199 Riversdale Rd, Hawthorn (opposite Australia Post).  Facilities include an enlarged community room and off-street parking.  We look forward to maximizing and enhancing our engagement with Hawthorn constituents.  Hopefully you..

Victorian Police – Remembrance Day Last Tuesday

Victorian Police – Remembrance Day Last Tuesday   Last Tuesday was Police Remembrance Day. Whilst it is incredibly important each year to reflect on the bravery of the men and women in blue; it is particularly poignant in 2020 and also ‘Close to Home.’ Our..

The Reality of Global Warming

The two previous articles addressed global warming and its relationship to climate change, but is it real and what are the causes? Scientists attribute the global warming, observed since the mid-20th century, to particular gases in the atmosphere that trap and prevent heat from radiating..

Improved Aged Care Services for Auburn House

The Victorian Government is upgrading more than 50 public sector residential aged care services, delivering hundreds of new jobs and ensuring thousands of older Victorians continue to get the care and comfort they deserve. Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers Luke..

Extra support for mental health, alcohol and other drugs services

The Victorian Government is ensuring non-government organisations who deliver mental health and alcohol and other drugs (AOD) services are ready to respond and to prevent possible outbreaks, as coronavirus case numbers come down, and we take steps to COVID Normal. Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister..

Working and Living with Covid Restrictions

Last Thursday and Friday as a “permitted worker” at Parliament I spoke in the Legislative Assembly on the Police and Emergency Legislation Amendment Bill.  Victorian Police and Protective Services Officers continue great work in looking after our community during these difficult times.  This legislation enhances..

R U OK Day and the Amazing Work of Hawthorn Amateur Football Club

On Thursday 10 September we marked R U OK day. R U OK day is an important day to empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and start a conversation with anyone who may be struggling with life. In recognition of this..

Climate Change Series – The link between Global Warming and Climate Change

The first article in the series, “Climate change – the basics”, showed the rapid rise in Australia’s average temperature since 1950. This article addresses the link between global warming and climate change and the elements of our climate that are influenced by global warming. According..

Camberwell Shopping Strip recieves $100,000 boost

In great news this week Boroondara Council’s proposed Camberwell Highfield Streetscape Improvements will recieve $100,000 in funding from the State Government. This is an excellent boost for our local businesses as we begin the journey to reopening. The on-ground works will create local jobs, while..

New Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Hawthorn is an education hub.  Our  district is home to 45 primary schools including 12 prep to Year 12 (P-12) schools and 21 secondary schools. Also, Hawthorn is  home to Swinburne University which offers TAFE courses and higher education degrees for not only our community..

Climate Change Series – The basics.

Throughout the upcoming additions of our Fortnightly Update we will be including articles that walk us through the issue of climate change. During a time in which we are starting to consider our world post COVID-19, we have a great opportunity to plan for a..

Helping Hawthorn’s Sporting Clubs Survive & Thrive

Sport is an integral part of the Hawthorn community and this support will help our clubs, leagues and associations pay the bills and make an eventual return to play that little bit easier. The Victorian Government is ramping up support for state sporting associations, leagues,..

Roadmap to reopening

Currently, Melbourne is in Stage 4 restrictions but from 11:59pm on 13 September, we’ll take our First Step towards COVID Normal. These steps will be guided by dates and data – with clear and articulated case targets, we’re creating “trigger points” for review for our..

Re-opening our community safely

Over the last few weeks we have received numerous messages from the people of Hawthorn about what to expect in the future. We appreciate people reaching out to our office to give us a better idea of the thoughts, feelings, concerns and ideas of the..

New Orange Door for Inner East Melbourne

The average recorded family or domestic violence cases throughout Hawthorn a year is around 800 cases, with an average of 8,000 in the Eastern Metropolitan area alone.  What is even more concerning is these figures don’t register incidents that may go unreported or are hidden…

Solar for our Public Buildings

Late last year I received a letter some Year 6 students from Camberwell Primary School. They wrote to me concerned about their “energy problem” they had discovered after conducting an energy audit on the school. They wrote: Climate change is a life threatening crisis and..

Halfway through and still here for you

We are now halfway through Stage-4 restrictions and I would like to thank all the people of Hawthorn for the communities’ effort in fighting COVID-19. From simply wearing a mask to staying in touch with people, we can and have all stepped up to do..