Halfway through and still here for you

We are now halfway through Stage-4 restrictions and I would like to thank all the people of Hawthorn for the communities’ effort in fighting COVID-19. From simply wearing a mask to staying in touch with people, we can and have all stepped up to do our part. Yet this is not over, and we must remain vigilant.

I also thank you, fellow residents, for the significant email and telephone support for the Victorian Government’s handling of COVID-19’s health, welfare and economy issues.  Notwithstanding, there have been two emails:


One cheeky “admirer”: I’m curious as to what you’ve actually achieved…I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in the local paper...A dot point response of your achievements would be interesting & I could get an idea of your effectiveness.”


And another: …I am wondering why we have not heard from you at all? Surely you have information and direction for us?  Are you actually working?  I believe that a lot of the anxiety and confusion that abounds within our immediate community could be alleviated somewhat with some direct input from our elected member”.


Achievements in Spring Street

Hawthorn Electorate, thanks to your votes on November 2018, now has the good fortune of having its MP in the Government ranks.  As a backbencher I have been able to play my part in achievements.  The fact of being “non-aligned”, as factions go, has not precluded an active role; e.g. I was privileged to Chair the Victorian “Review into vocational and applied learning pathways in senior secondary schooling”.

Onsite and offsite in Hawthorn

With COVID-19 onset your Electorate Office has maintained onsite skeleton staffing, Monday to Friday, 9-5. With staff working from home the burden of presence has fallen to the Member and family volunteer.  Indeed, I have been onsite for nearly every business day of the last five months.  Our lights are on, telephone calls answered, triage, deliveries, hard mail especially for those without IT capacity and other essential services, in accordance with restrictions and very much in solidarity with local traders and neighbouring schools – although still unable to accept personal callers through the door.  One enjoyable task has been personally inscribing cards for 130+ constituents each month turning 75, 80, 90 and 100+!  Whilst working from home staff have telephoned over 3000 senior constituents inquiring about health and special needs.

In touch every fortnight and via www.johnkennedymp.com.au

The first Hawthorn Fortnightly Update (FNU) was emailed Monday, 17 June 2019.  This 30th edition comes today with encouragement to sign up others to our subscriber list.  I also commend our website which includes plenty of current news plus times and places to meet John (albeit with some difficulty during Stage 3/4).  In my corner of Hawthorn I carry the John Kennedy red bag, silver badge on jumper and mask firmly in place whilst nodding to fellow purchasers at Colin’s Catch on Fridays and other takeaways and, as a permitted worker, travellers on the spacious Tram 75.  And there have been publications by mail; eg Information for Seniors.  However, we are always open to suggestions as to how better engage with our community.