Please keep getting tested Hawthorn!

I would like to urge not to become complacent even after successive days of lower case numbers. Since the start of the pandemic nearly two million tests have been processed, with daily numbers reaching as high as 34,000 on some days.

In our local council area of Boroondara last week, there on average 80 active COVID-19 cases, according to Local Government Area data by the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services. Nothing about Hawthorn makes us immune or even safer than our fellow Victorians. This virus moves throughout communities rapidly.

While it is encouraging that daily case numbers are beginning to stabilise, we have also seen a concerning drop off in testing rates in recent days. The seven days from 11 to 17 August saw 154,432 tests processed, a drop of almost 30,000 or around 17 per cent from the previous seven-day period.

There has been an excellent response to restrictions throughout Hawthorn. pPeople are staying home and following the rules. Yet it should be highlighted that you are allowed to leave your home to get tested. Even if you’re not going to work, even if you live by yourself or with only one other person – you should still get tested if you have any symptoms at all of coronavirus.

With flu cases down 75 per cent on the same time last year, it’s far more likely that a sniffle, or scratchy throat, could be coronavirus. The most effective way to beat this deadly virus is to find every new case and isolate them as quickly as possible to stop further spread amongst the community.

Getting tested is easy, free and helping to save lives!

To find the most convenient testing site for you please visit:

Self test kits, at home testing and interactive self assessments are all available for those who may need services at home.