Introducing Your Local Chapter of the Australian Conservation Foundation

I have had the pleasure in recent weeks to meet with the Boroondara chapter of the Australian Conservation Foundation to hear about the work they do protecting our local environment. They will be providing for your perusal, a ten-article series to be released in each edition of my Fortnightly Newsletter.

This first of this very informative new installment is below –


The Australian Conservation Foundation (The ACF) is a proudly independent, non-partisan organisation that is funded by members and donors. The ACF was established over 50 years ago and now has a national membership of over 700,000 supporters. ACF also supports 41 independently organised ACF Community groups in almost all states and territories.

Here in the Boroondara area we have established ACF Community Boroondara – a vibrant group with a broad cross section of ages, disciplines, experience and expertise. We are all guided by common values. We believe it is important to protect and restore our water, air, climate, soils, and our biodiversity for current and future generations. This means actively making a difference by joining with likeminded people, to demonstrate those values, and advocate for change.

As the ACF Community Boroondara group, we are passionate about and focussed on solving the climate and extinction crises. That’s why we want to see an economic recovery that is good for people and our planet. We’re inspired by the ACF’s Recover, Rebuild, Renew plan that highlights a Covid-19 economic recovery that is more sustainable, makes us more resilient and generates thousands of sustainability jobs. Jobs that help connect, protect and restore nature for a cleaner, healthier, fairer and more vibrant world.

This is the first in a series of short articles written by members of our local Boroondara community. Through these articles we’ll explore the plan to Recover, Rebuild and Renew, as well as issues about climate and biodiversity that are affecting us all, with a focus on mitigation, adaptation and resilience building. We want to highlight practical solutions that can make our communities safer and more resilient, caring for the vulnerable, and looking after our planet. This includes potential skills, jobs and emerging and innovative sustainable industries and infrastructure. We’ll highlight examples of individuals and businesses in the Boroondara area who are already tackling climate and biodiversity issues locally. We’ll also provide links with more information and ways to get involved, including with us! We always welcome new members!

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ACF Community Boroondara is part of a network of independently organised, non-partisan, volunteer-run groups in the ACF community.