Supporting People Experiencing Homelessness

We know it’s been a volatile year for everybody, and financially vulnerability is being felt by more people. Often it is the support of community organisations that keeps people experiencing unstable housing or homelessness in a safe place. This is why our government is utilising the Working for Victoria fund to create jobs which strengthen these systems of outreach.

$10 million from the Working for Victoria fund will be designated to the creation of 211 new jobs in 35 housing and homelessness organisations, including:

  • 144 positions will provide additional social support for people living in emergency accommodation, assisting with referrals and linking to health and community services.
  • 33 jobs will be created at Sacred Heart Mission – including extra workers in their kitchen to make and deliver takeaway meals and support to ensure their op shops operate in a Covid-Safe way.
  • 11 new jobs will be created at Unison Housing that will reduce the wait time for repairs and improve the turnaround for vacant properties.
  • 23 roles at Tenants Victoria will be created to help meet the significant increase in demand for support from tenants in private rental accommodation who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

This support for housing and homelessness builds on a series of investments from the Victorian Government during the pandemic.

For more information or to register for Working for Victoria go to .